So you've decided you would like to make a Newfoundland a part of your family. 


Your next step is to find a breeder. Finding the right breeder can be one of the most important steps you will take in getting your Newfoundland puppy, so our club has put together a couple of helpful resources for you to get started.

We have provided a list which details what to look for in a reputable Newfoundland Breeder (please click here). It is important to ask your breeder these questions when enquiring about joining their waiting list. 

It is also important to ensure that you are comfortable with the breeder you select, as you are likely to keep in touch, ask questions or seek support from your breeder over the life of your puppy.

Please see below a contact list of reputable breeders recommended by the Newfoundland Club of Victoria Inc.


  • It is important to be extremely cautious when looking at puppy adverts/puppies for sale on the internet. There are many scams circulating which offer "non drooling" Newfoundlands, or "hypoallergenic" Newfoundlands. Some other scams will send you pictures of a puppy and offer to ship/freight it to you if you pay an upfront deposit. You should NEVER put a deposit down on a puppy you haven't physically seen with a person you haven't personally met. 

  • You should always endeavour to visit Newfoundland breeders, view their kennels and their dogs.  

  • It is normal that you may have to join a waiting list for your puppy. Your breeder should be able to give you an indication as to approximately how long you might have to wait for your puppy.

  • It is normal that your breeder would ask you to sign a contract when purchasing your puppy. It is important that you read and understand the contract presented to you. 

Contact details for reputable breeders recommended by the Newfoundland Club of Victoria Inc. are:


Apalie Newfoundlands

Melissa Fraser

send email

Blackbears Newfoundlands (N.S.W.)

Sue Frew

Mobile: 0439 523 040

send email

Bouvet Newfoundlands

Angela Kelly

send email

CapeBass Newfoundlands

Jane Leeder    

Tel:  03 5988 6190

Krystalcove Newfoundlands

Graham & Vicki Birch    

Mobile:  0432 961 876

Newfashion Newfoundlands (S.A.)

Ian Harland & Gregg Barr

Tel:   08 8531 0232

Mobile:  0411 607 208

send email


Newflabel Newfoundlands (N.S.W.)

Janelle Wallace

Mobile: 0412 505 736

send email

Newfstars Newfoundlands

Mrs Jackie Sanders

Mobile: 0409 860 413

send email

Seadale Newfoundlands

Bev Chapman   

Mobile:  0415 618 983


Storybrook Newfoundlands (S.A.)

Mr R & Mrs L Chapman-Stevens

send email 

Yesallaw Newfoundlands (Tas)

Sue & Clifford Gray

Tel:  03 6393 2388

send email