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  • Reputable Breeders will provide health reports for hips, elbows and cystinuria for both parents of litters.  There are many websites which can explain cystinuria and the meaning of hip and elbow scoring.


  • Reputable Breeders will provide information in writing, on diet and raising your puppy.


  • Reputable Breeders will ask you lots of questions and get to know you to be sure that the perfect puppy is matched to the perfect home.


  • Reputable Breeders require dogs which they have bred to be returned to them if there is any reason that you as the owner, cannot keep them.


  • Reputable Breeders are there for you for the life of the dog, for help, tips advice etc.


  • Reputable Breeders will have done extensive research on the linage of each litter to do their best to breed healthy, happy dogs.

  • Reputable Breeders will often travel many kilometres to show their dogs and compete against others to be sure that their stock meets the breed standard.


  • Reputable Breeders provide a Certified Pedigree for your puppy, issued by the state controlling body (Dogs NSW, Dogs VIC, Dogs West, Dogs SA etc..)


  • Reputable Breeders will invite you to their home to visit the litter and meet the parents (at least you should meet the dam, sometimes the sire is not owned by the litter owner)


  • Reputable Breeders will offer 6 weeks of Petplan Puppy Insurance and ask you to continue with insurance for a minimum of 12 months in case of any health issues.


  • Reputable Breeders do not just breed the same pair of dogs together for every litter but find a sire that is producing what the previous litter did not excel in.


  • Reputable Breeders will register every litter they breed with the state controlling body - NOT every second or third litter.

  • Reputable Breeders will not charge more money for different sexes or colours.  The only allowable colours for Newfoundlands in Australia are: black, brown and Landseer (White/black).  Any other colour is undesirable and should be sold as a pet only (grey, beige/cream, white/brown, mismarked


  • Reputable Breeders will require you to get an independent vet check with your puppy within a set time and  will offer a full refund or replacement if any health issue is found that will affect the puppy's quality of life.


  • Reputable Breeders will not de-sex a puppy at 6-8 weeks of age.  Giant breeds need hormones to help with healthy growth.  Desexing removes those hormones and growth will be affected.


  • Reputable Breeders will not require a deposit to be paid before seeing the litter or health checks are done.


  • Reputable Breeders will require you to sign a contract which covers health, rearing, breeding and breeder support. 

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